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Lamplugh Heritage Mapping Project

We West Cumbrians are fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world; some of us were born here and some have moved to live here, but we all share the heritage of West Cumbria, the memories of its past and the anticipation of its future.


That heritage is more than the physical landscape, though the beauty of the local scenery is often the first thing that strikes the visitor.  Human intervention has left marks on the landscape that can be traced back in time to the Iron Age and before, if you know where to look.


People themselves have inhabited this space and yet made a wider mark; politicians, writers, scientists. Mining left its indelible footprint in our Parish and the scars of old workings, disused railway lines, spoil tips all are still clearly visible. Buildings and the clues they leave behind provide an interesting puzzle for those visiting onlookers who stand and stare.



And therein lies a problem for us; “if you know where to look”; as out population ages, memories fade or are lost for ever.  Newcomers to our area may learn about some of Lamplugh’s heritage and that helps to keep our history alive.  Over time though we lose the richness and the texture of our heritage, fading as it does into distant echoes, hearsay, myth and legend.


We are working to record as much as we can of the rich heritage of our area so that we can leave a map for others to follow in years to come.  

Our Heritage Mapping Project is in its infancy and we would welcome your input to help us record this landscape no matter where you live in the world.


Let me first define for you the sorts of things that we could include.




The legacy of our farming traditions


You can begin to appreciate that this is a potentially endless list, so where do we begin?


Whether you live here now, have moved on or have been a visitor to our area, your recollections, local knowledge, immediate surroundings all might provide a clue.  Is there a date on the building in the locality where you live(d):  Do you have memories of your family or neighbours working in the mines, the quarries or factories in Lamplugh? Are there stories or photographs you would share with us?  Have members of your family worked on the land and are there details of farms, farming, rural traditions and personal histories that you can tell us about.

This website will serve three purposes.  It will enable you, wherever you are now, to see the developing story of our area as we start to put Lamplugh on the map;  If you have memories or materials you want to share with us, the website is your medium; hit the “e-mail us” button and let us know how you can help.  Had you thought about visiting this wonderful part of the country; if you are thinking of visiting and want to know more about your holiday destination then the website is for you. Even if all you want to do is give us feedback about the site, feel free to contact us and let us have your reactions.  We look forward to hearing from you.  


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