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Lamplugh Heritage Mapping Project

Our heritage Exhibition was a stunning success.  The village hall was very busy on Saturday, on Sunday it was standing-room-only!  The place was packed!


You will see from the pictures that we served refreshments in a small café area just near to the exit.  Our idea was to talk with people as they left and get both their impressions of the event and to try to recruit them; we wanted people to volunteer their own family archives or to offer to speak to us about their own knowledge and history in the area.  Secondly we wanted researchers, people who had the interest and time on their hands to help us with our further research.  The feedback questionnaires captured a lot on information and the glorious smell of freshly brewed espresso coffee pervaded the exhibition space.  The home-made biscuits went down well too.


The vast majority of visitors were locals though we had some from afar afield as Penrith, Kendal, and even Surrey(though they didn’t travel especially) The coverage on Radio Cumbria News over 3 days and features on individual programmes, Like Val Armstrong’s Saturday and Sunday morning shows, clearly helped.

Modesty prohibits us from laying any claim to assuring the quality of the exhibits but the impact on visitors was overwhelming.  The feedback forms were full of praise for both the variety and the quality within the exhibition.  Several people having come along on the first day came back on the second because there was so much to see.  This really was a joint effort with a wide range of people involved in preparing outstanding quality materials; and it showed.


Most importantly we wanted to raise awareness of the project and to encourage local people to come forward with their own stories to tell; we talked to almost all of the visitors in the post-exhibition interview  at the café and gained a significant number of “leads” for new stories and oral history pieces.  Whilst the exhibition itself was praised, one visitor described the major benefit as being the “crack” that went on endlessly; groups of people just coming together for a chat and a good old gossip.  It was described as, “more like a street party than an exhibition!” praise indeed.


Progressively we will be putting as much as possible of the material we had collected onto this website so that even if you were unable to see our exhibition live, you can still have access to its contents.


All in all the term “stunning success” we used to describe the event was not hyperbole.


The most interesting idea to develop over the course of our preparation and at the event itself is the extent to which we have a pattern here that other communities might like to replicate.  There’s nothing magical or specific about or project; however we have done a lot of the thinking and planning.  If any other individuals or groups would like to talk with us about this prospect please go to the contact us button on the website.


In moving forward we will use the interview responses to identify priority activities and create a 5 year development plan; we will use this to create a Heritage Lottery Fund bid to enable us to make more rapid progress. For example our first priority is oral history.  That requires training and more equipment. 


Enjoy the pictures!


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