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Lamplugh Heritage Mapping Project

We are about sharing. (our policy)

One of the main objectives of our project is to allow open access to images, text and audio footage relating to our local heritage.

We are happy for anyone to use information from this web site for their own non-commercial use.

However, some images are owned by contributors who do not want them reproduced.  These images are clearly marked as such and should not be reproduced in any fashion.


Important Notice (please read)

Anyone (the contributor) submitting material  for use on this web site will be considered to have agreed to all of the following:

· That they (the contributor) understand and agree to the terms of our policy relating to open access to web site material as stated above.

· The contributor has the right to contribute the material given as content for our web site

· The contributor has carried out all reasonable checks to ensure that their contributions are not subject to copyright.

· The contributor either owns the material submitted or have the permission to do so from the legal owner of the same.



The owners of this web site take every reasonable step to ensure that the material submitted and used is not subject to copyright or owned by any third party who have not given their permission for its use and publication.

Please contact us via the E-mail us option below if you believe that we have used material that is subject to copyright or if you, or a third party known to, you are the legal owners and have not provided us with your / their permission to use the material.